Camino Planning Begins Here.

Everyone Walks Their Own Camino

The Camino is a personal journey and there is no right or wrong way to do it.   However, before you embark on such a journey you will need to do some research on what to expect and do some planning.

Whether you like to plan your journey extensively so you know what to expect and there are few surprises ahead or you like to plan minimally and are open to deal with last-minute decisions, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.  Camino Bound will provide you with information, tools and tips to help you plan your journey.

Reasons People Walk the Camino

  • Escape from the daily grind.
  • The physical and mental challenge.
  • To adopt a more healthy lifestyle.
  • Religious or spiritual.
  • Emotional healing.
  • History, culture and landscape.
  • For the love of walking.
  • Lifetime experience.
  • Meet new people.
  • Spend time with loved ones.

Benefits of Planning and Research

  • Enjoy your journey more.

  • Achieve your goals.

  • Prevent injuries, fatigue, hunger, thirst.

  • Prevent unforeseen circumstances.
  • Budget control.
  • Must-see sites, cities, and experiences.
  • Eat and sleep comfortably.
  • Appreciate the cultural experience.
  • Reach your daily destination.

The BIG questions ???


Not sure about where to start your Camino, how to get there, which route to take, what time of year to go, where to end your Camino, and how to get there.

HOW much will it cost?

The level of comfort you prefer on the Camino will determine your costs.  There is something for everyone’s tastes on the Camino.  Live on a shoestring or in luxury.


Packs, footwear, rainwear, hiking poles and more.  What is the RIGHT gear for your Camino.

What to pack

What to bring and how to pack your backpack to ensure proper alignment and comfort.


What you can expect to encounter along the Camino from eating and drinking, sleeping, historical sites, and amenities.

Your Source for Planning the Camino de Santiago.

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