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Plan Your Camino With Us.

You’re thinking of walking the Camino.

You’re not exactly sure how to go about it.  Where to start, how long to go for, what to bring, what to expect along the way and dozens of other questions. 

Your First Steps Start Here!

Camino Bound assists people in planning their Camino journey across Spain.

Whether you want to walk for part of the Camino or a longer route to achieve your Compostella we are here to help you plan the journey of a lifetime.

Once you decide you want to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostella the planning, training, and preparing part can be overwhelming.  You will likely have a lot of questions and know very little about this adventure. You need someone who has first-hand knowledge of the route and someone you can trust that will help you achieve your goal.

At Camino Bound, we are serious and passionate about the Camino, its people, its culture and, its history.  We have lots of experience helping others like you in preparing themselves and planning their Camino journey.

That is all we do at Camino Bound and we are proud of our work and our customer satisfaction.

Your first steps on the Camino start here!

A few of our Self Guided Trips

Saint Jean Pied De Port to Santiago de Compostella.

The French Way is the most popular route on the Camino.  Travel over the Pyrennes mountains, through the Meseta, and then the Cantabrian Mountains before reaching Santiago.

Pamplona to Santiago de Compostella

Starting your Camino in the lovely city of Pamplona is a great way to begin.  Travel through historical cities, over the Meseta and Cantabrian Mountains before reaching Santiago.

Santiago de Compostella to Finisterre to Muxia.

Travelling to Muxia and Finisterre is the ultimate way to finish your Camino.  Watch the sunset over the ocean, visit the zero km marker at the lighthouse and realize there is no more land west to walk on. 

Custom Itineraries.

Camino Bound loves to create the best custom itinerary to suit your needs.  Whether it’s history, culture, art, or solitude you crave, we will create the best experience for you.

While exploring the Camino Frances on several occasions and listening to clients we’ve found what places should not be missed, what can be skipped if you so desire, and what things to let you explore on your own.

From what food is specific to a particular area, to where to sleep is part of the services we offer to ensure your journey is as rewarding as possible.

Regardless of how much time you choose to travel the Camino, there is always an itinerary we can create for you to suit your needs.


Most Popular Questions About the Camino.

You’re not alone in having lots of questions about the Camino.  Camino Bound is here to help you answer your questions and plan a fantastic journey.

How Long Will It Take?

It all depends how much time you want to dedicate and how many kilometres you want to walk.

How Much Will it Cost?

Costs vary depending on how you choose to travel.  You can do the Camino on a shoestring or in style.

Where Will I Sleep?

There are a variety of places to sleep along the Camino that vary from dormitory style to luxury.

What Kind of Shoes?

Footwear depends on your foot shape, personal preference,  time of year, terrain and required support.



How to choose the right bag, and what to pack.


There are many routes to take to Santiago de Compostella. Where you start and end is up to you.

Walking the Camino alone or with others?

Maybe by bike?

Plan Your Journey

Where and when to start and end, what route to take and how long to walk. 

Get Prepared

What you’ll need to do to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the Camino.

What to Expect

What you can expect along the way on the Camino from eating to sleeping.

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