Finisterre & Muxia Photos

Enjoy the Finisterre & Muxia photos, the trip there is well worth the extra time.  Walking the Camino de Santiago for so many days can be addictive and it is a good emotional and psychological way to end your Camino.  Watching the sunset over the ocean has a strong impact on people as there is no more walking west for you to do.  Your journey, this journey as ended and here in Finisterre & Muxia you can take some time to reflect on your Camino and get ready for the return home to your life.  It may not be the same, you may have changed a bit so you will need to find a way to fit back in post-Pilgrim.

These photos of Finisterre & Muxia are just a flavour of the ocean and meant to be just that.  There are few pilgrims in the shots as the end of the Camino is very personal to everyone and the land is the place you will plant yourself at the end.

We highly recommend the walk or bus ride to Finisterre and or Muxia.  The walk is 7 days for both places but you can get a regularly scheduled bus to Finisterre from Santiago daily, and there are less frequent buses to Muxia, but that is a journey worth taking.  There are two buses back from Muxia daily, one in the early morning and one in the afternoon.

If you do walk to Finisterre you can acquire a certificate of completion like your Compostela from the municipal Albergue, and if you walk to Muxia from Finisterre you can acquire a certificate from the Albergue Bella Muxia. In both cases, you will need to show two stamps per day.


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