Camino Etiquette

 Buenas Dias y gracias

Etiquette is just as important along the Camino as it is anywhere else.  While people are sociable and often quick to conversation and are friendly.  Everybody comes on the Camino for different reasons, and there are many reasons as people.  

Respecting peoples space is key.  They might need to be alone some days while they might need to be alone on others.  They might be doing the camino on a shoestring and maybe in luxury.  Judging is not something pilgrims should engage in. 

While we know that people take the journey for various reasons, we also know that The top reasons for taking the trek are for religious, spiritual, health and historical reasons.  What other underlying reasons that are a result of the final decision to take the journey are personal. 


Basic Etiquette to follow


Politeness goes a long way. There is no need to sugar coat every sentence that come out of your mouth but basic good manners can make a huge difference in how you make others feel whether they are pilgrims or people you meet along the way.

Good Morning-Buenas Dias
Good Afternoon- Buenas Tardes
Good Evening/Night-Buenas Noches
Good Bye-Adios
Please- Por Favor
Thank You-Da Nada
Sorry-Lo Siento
Excuse Me-Perdon
Passing by someone-Con permiso


Passing Others

When passing others either on foot or on a bicycle can be startling.  People can be in deep thought or have headphones on and might not hear you coming upon them.

If you wish to pass someone then the simple phrase Con Permiso- with permission is advisable.  Then of course as you pass…buen Camino. 

Bicycles who whish to pass pilgrims on foot then they should ring their bell, slow down as not to startle them and possibly cause injury.  If cyclists ring their bells and let people know which side they will be passing them on that is the most respectful and safest thing to do.  Example….ring ring….”passing on your left.  Buen Camino.”




When you are sharing space with others it is important to keep your clothes clean, and shower.  Body odour can be very offensive to others and while they might be too polite to mention it to you save them and yourself the embarrassment and wash your clothing daily, shower and wear at least a deodorant. There are non-antiperspirant and natural alternatives available on the market to suit everyone’s needs.

Wash your hands regularly and sneeze or cough in your sleeve.  Colds spread quickly and the Camino cough can ruin your journey for several weeks. 


respect hours and when people are generally sleeping.

don’t storm in with flashlights rustling bags etc..

leave the bottom bunks for elderly or physically challenged individuals

leave your bed tidier than you found it.




 Arriving and leaving in mornings,,,bags rustling. 



loud talking and laughing during rest time.



respect property

garbage, leave the place nicer than you found it.

property owners restaurants , cafes etc… don NOT take off your boots/shoes and air your feet. Gross.







don't banter about price





respect personal space

smoking, cologne, fragrances, loud music, telephone conversations.

Don’t take a seat or block pathways, sidewalks or entrances with your backpack or poles.


respect personal property

 make sure you take only what belongs to you.  Ensure and check twice that you have taken only your personal belongings. Everyone on the Camino is carrying the bare minimum and brought the things that were most important to them.  Be respectful. 

Treat people the way you want to be treated.








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