What to Pack For the Camino


What to pack-Less is more

The Camino de Santiago is one long, incredible journey that is likely to turn into one of your fondest memories.  You will need to know what to pack and be well-prepared if you want to make your journey easier and experience it fully.

Whether you are going to be on the Camino for two or six weeks, you will pretty much need the same clothing for the cold, rain, and hot temperatures, as well as toiletries, first aid, and medications.  However, having said that the general rule of thumb is “less is more” when packing for your Camino.  In the end, you will be surprised at how little you actually “need” and how grateful you are not to have more “stuff” with you.

Our list of what to pack for the Camino might seem long but it is pretty much everything you will need.  You will most likely add to or remove a few items from the list but do so carefully.  Consider the weight first and foremost and remember to factor in a few pounds of water when weighing everything in.


10% of your body weight.

  • Your body is better able to withstand the stress and strain of the long journey if you ONLY carry 10% of your body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs then you should carry only 15 lbs.
  • 10% includes water and the weight of your backpack.
  • On the days you pack extra food you will exceed the weight suggestions, but the bag will lighten as you eat your food.
  • Only your filled backpack is considered in the 10% rule, NOT the clothing or items you are wearing and carrying in your pockets and on your body.

What to pack for…


What to pack

AVOID COTTON, it takes too long to dry, if it gets wet you will be cold and it is heavy.

USE technical fabrics that wick perspiration, are quick-dry and lightweight.

NOTE: my clothing is in the lime green bag, except for what I was wearing.


TIPS AND HINTS about what to pack

  • Take one lightweight luxury item.  Choose wisely. See Safety and Healthcare for proven preventive blister tips.
  • Every night after you wash and ring out your clothes, lay them out flat on your microfibre towel.  Roll the towel and the clothing up like a sausage, then ring it out tightly.  This removes a large portion of excess water and your clothes should be dry by the next morning.
  • Rinse and ring out your microfibre towel after each use. Hang to dry.
  • Use your safety pins to hang wet items from your backpack to dry out (like socks during the day), and to pin your luggage transport envelope to your backpack (you never know if you might need a day or two off from carrying your pack).
  • If you are starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port there is a fantastic Pilgrim shop there that features a large variety of gear.  Visit La Boutique du Pelerin on line.
  • If starting in Pamplona Caminoteca also has a large variety of pilgrim-focused products and is around the corner from Jesus y Maria Albergue.


equipment and accessories

What to pack for toiletries

Toiletries: SMALL TRAVEL SIZES as they weigh less and can be easily replenished along the way.

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