Camino By Bike

What to Expect on the Camino by Bike


You have decided you’d like to cycle the Camino, you know when you want to go but you are now wondering how to put it all together. At Camino Bound, we also help organize self-guided Camino de Santiago cycling tours.

We recommend you cycle the Camino only if you have some experience as a cyclist and are familiar with essential bike maintenance such as changing a tube, fixing the chain if it comes off or breaks, or reattaching the pedals.

If you plan on doing the Camino by bike we recommend you add a few rest days to enjoy some of the beautiful and historic cities along the Camino such as Burgos and  Leon.

The Camino provides so many people say, and that’s a good way to think about things. Positive and ready to believe whatever you need will come your way.  But being prepared while cycling the Camino by bike is wise and prudent. You will need to bring your own basic repair kit, have a bicycle route map or GPS (the footpath is not the same in some areas along the Camino as it is for a bike) and understand how the albergues receive cyclists.  Most albergues will not accept cyclists until after 4 pm and they do not all have bicycle storage facilities. 

There will be lots of pleasant surprises that you can revel in while still understanding what the Camino does and doesn’t provide.  There are basics that you will need to know and understand about what to pack for your Camino by bike, water, food, the different types of accommodation, maps and waymarks, laundry, staying connected with family, illness, how to use the bag transports, the postal service, local bus and train services, and repair shops.

Sharing the pathway with walkers is not difficult so if you have decided to do the Camino by bike then common courtesy is kind and respectful.  Ring you bell when approaching pilgrims on foot, inform them how you will pass them…”passing on your left”.  And don’t speed by on a gravel or dirt road where dirt or stones might be thrown at pilgrims on foot.   There are parts of the Camino that are not accessible by bike so you will be diverted by the roadway for a portion of time until you can meet up with the Camino again.  Example: Going over the Pyrennes to Roncesvalles, taking the path up to O’Cebriero to name a few.

Be informed!

Camino by bike

Need to Know Basics

  • Water quality and availability.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Grocery stores and shops.
  • Camino waymarks for bikes.
  • Types of accommodations.
  • Camino costs.
  • Where to do your laundry.
  • What to do in case of an emergency or breakdown.
  • Replenishing supplies.

More Need to Know Basics

  • Where to get a SIM card.
  • First-aid and health care.
  • Bus and train stations.
  • Postal services and offices.
  • Bag/backpack transportation.
  • Pilgrim shops.
  • Camino etiquette.
  • Wifi and internet.
  • Pilgrim credentials/passports.
  • Must-see sites and cities.

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