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Pamplona to Leon


Pamplona is a lovely town to start your Camino Frances. The city is filled with loads of history, culture and food that will want you to revist over and over again.

The French Road leads you through many important cities before you reach the big city of Burgos like Puente la Reina, Estella, Logrono, Najera, Santo Domingo, and Belorado. While in Burgos we suggest visiting the world-class museum of Human Evolution and the breathtaking Burgos Cathedral along with dozens of other must-see historical sites.  The nightlife is vibrant and the cuisine delightful. This town offers lots of places to rest, watch the world go by, and explore the culture and history.

Once you leave Burgos you will find yourself in the Meseta and quiet countryside with fields of agriculture for as far as the eyes can see and walk through interesting towns like Castrojeriz, Boadilla, Fromista, Villacazar, Sahagun and Mansilla to mention a few. While the Meseta is known for its long days and flat terrain there are some steep but mostly soft rolling hills and lots of beauty along the way. You will pass through Leon which is former Roman military garrison and base for its VIIth Legion.  Leon is both historical and modern, and home to over 462,000 people.

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